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Google Geo Institute

Friday, July 23rd, 2010


My annual pilgrimage to Northern California began this year with a trip to the Google Geo Institute. Aside from seeing the awesomeness that is the Google campus (Google bicycles to get you around! Google umbrellas everywhere in case it starts to rain! Great food as far as the eye can see! Tyrannosaurus Rex!), we were given an overview of Google Earth, Maps, Sky, SketchUp and much more! We also had an opportunity to see how teachers use the tools in interesting ways, Google Lit Trips being the obvious example.

Finally, the event was finished off with a Geography Bee hosted by none other than Alex Trebek (NSFW)! You can’t beat that! It was his 70th birthday, so we sang him happy birthday. He looks great for 70. (Though, I really wish he would grow back his mustache.)